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For more than 10 years, PFP has provided Customers almost around the World With a wide-ranging of quality Halal meat products at tremendous value. In 2016, we started a small beef company in Pakistan. PFP had a single mission: to deliver the best possible Service, Collection and value to his Clients. Nowadays, PFP is the World's leading animal protein processor. PFP began as a business, and today our principles continue the same. Our value honesty integrity and Genuineness. We are passionate about our work, and we inspire our employees to take Ownership of their regular tasks. We know that Our Customers have a Choice in Suppliers. That's why we have faith in Working together to reinforce our businesses.

We look forward to serving you as we building PFP into the worldwide leader in quality and service.

One of faster growing exporters of fresh and frozen chilled Halal meat in Pakistan.!

Situated in Karachi, the property is deliberately situated inside of close closeness of both the worldwide air terminal and seaport. PFP is an inspired organization always redesigning its quality affirmations to stay aware of the proceeded with enhancements in sustenance security.

Latest Portfolio Items

Our technical perfection, quality standards and innovative impacts are unique.

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At the point when get ready as sustenance, it is vital that the Halal meat is of a solid youthful creature and has experienced a hygienic and Halal procedure. Everybody at PFP comprehends that a perfect, sound environment is basic to the generation of astounding Halal meat and to fulfilling the necessities of our esteemed clients.

We are resolved to contribute and grasp cutting edge innovation. All chillers are equipped with a GPRS Base live temperature checking framework giving 24-hour observation. Our current hardware and quality certification programs empower us to reliably deliver high grades Halal meat to our clients.

Carriage Network

Our vehicle armada permits control of approaching animal’s growths and active Halal meat sends out for export. Transportation of Halal meat is done utilizing the PFP armada of refrigerated containers.

Halal meat are produced at PFP is focus only the finest grades

PFP Mission!

To be the best in all that we do, totally centered around the our business guaranteeing the best items and administration to our clients, a relationship of trust with our providers, benefit for our shareholders and the chance of a superior future for all our team members.

Our Values!

  • • Determination
  • • Availability
  • • Discipline
  • • Simplicity
  • • Humility
  • • Ownership
  • • Sincerity

Behind all this success, Directors and their team have a complete vision in thier mind to make their organization as one of the top ranked company. Following is our vision statement:

"To attain market leadership through unmatched quality, a diverse and unique product mix, empowered employees, world-class systems, and the highest ethical and professional standards"


PFP was established on an arrangement of center values that encapsulate the three mainstays of manageability; social duty, monetary suitability and ecological stewardship. Our perspective of manageability is guided by our organization's way of life, built up over 10 years prior, and our main goal to be the best in whatever we do while securing the open door for a brighter future for our colleagues, shareholders, providers, clients and the next generation.

Our esteem is in the duality of our products, a relationship of trust with our clients and providers and the budgetary achievement of our business operations. Our stewardship is situated in the regard we bear the cost of the earth and our commitment to capably deal with the limited characteristic assets basic to our prosperity. PFP trusts that supportability is an adventure of ceaseless change that requires association with others trying to have a constructive outcome and seeking to make a positive impact.


POur Cold Chain line includes Chillers (Capacity 60 tons of Halal meat), Freezers (Capacity 80 tons of Halal meat) and Blast Freezers (Capacity 55 tons).

In-house freezer and chiller containers are based on industry standards so our trucks deliver freshly frozen and chilled Halal meat anywhere in Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan via road with export facilities for fresh and tender Halal meat products via ship or air cargo to any destination in the world.

Grain Feeding!

The uniqueness of our beef products is a direct result of feeding cattle the highest quality feedstuffs. A wealth of research has demonstrated that buyers incline toward the flavor, delicacy and deliciousness of grain-completed Halal meat. The vast majority of our beef cattle receive a finishing diet that consists predominantly of best products.

Animal Health and Well-Being!

At PFP, we perceive that sound creatures raised, took care of and reaped under the most accommodating conditions deliver without a doubt the most astounding quality item. We consider important our obligation to give the most extreme care and endeavor to give our creatures the most noteworthy level of consideration and regard. From Working intimately with makers, to working at our offices, we guarantee compassionate creature taking care of all through the procedure.

We keep an open discourse with our providers to guarantee, keep up and enhance the lives of the cows in our production network. All PFP steers providers give an oath showing consistence with administrative controls and state or national Beef Quality Assurance affirmation programs.

Every Halal meat handling office incorporates a creature welfare group contained quality affirmation, operations and acquirement pros who guarantee that the approaches and methodology required by the PFP Animal Welfare Policy are actualized. Our efficient way to deal with compassionate taking care of ranges from the underlying evaluation of the office to the consequent plan and usage of practices that advance low-push creature development. Day by day outsider taking care of reviews are led in our offices through remote video checking. Cooperating with Arrow locate, a pioneer in remote video inspecting innovation, we have upgraded our preparation programs and enhanced our creature taking care of execution.

PFP keeps up creature Welfare projects to advance responsibility and honesty and also guarantee others conscious treatment all through each phase of the creature's life. Our clients can be certain PFP items originate from creatures that have been maneuvered carefully.


The Satisfaction Of Our Customers, Our Success, And Our Growth

Step 1

To improve quality of work, processing, esteem expansion, promoting and supply chain of Halal meat, domesticated animals, agribusiness items and by-products for local & export markets.

Step 2

To set up consistence administration and confirmation framework at all levels of quality chains of Halal meat, animals and farming.

Step 3

Giving trainings and specialized backstopping at all phases of the incorporated Halal meat product of quality chains.

Our Products!

With Sufficient animal holding area for 2000 Sheep/Goat and 1000 Cow/Bull/Buffalo

    Fresh Chilled Mutton Full Carcass/Quarter
    Carcass in Cloth Packing or Vacuum Packing.

    Frozen Mutton Full Carcass/Quarter Carcass in Cloth.

    Packing or Carton Packing (12 to 25 Kg Carton).

    Frozen Mutton without bone: rolled in food grade wrap plastic and packed in cartons.


    Fresh Chilled Beef Quarter Carcass in Cloth Packing.

    Fresh Chilled Beef Cuts In Vacuum Packing: Fresh Beef Neck, Fresh Beef Brisket, Fresh Beef Topside/Silverside, Fresh Beef Eye Round, Fresh Beef Shank, Fresh Minced Beef, Fresh Beef Cube Roll, Fresh Beef Salami,Fresh Beef Blade, Fresh Beef Flank, Fresh Beef Chuck, Fresh Beef Outside Flat, Fresh Beef Rump, Round meat Cut, Rump Halal meat Cut, Flank meat Cut, Rib meat Cut, Short Plate meat Cut, Square-cut Chuck meat Cut, Brisket meat Cut, Shank meat Cut.

    Frozen Beef Four Quarter Carcass in Cloth Packing.

    Frozen Beef Cuts without bone: rolled in food grade wrap plastic and packed in cartons: Neck, Hind Quarter, Fore Quarter, topside, Flank, Striploin, Tenderloin.


    Fresh Chilled Edible mutton/beef offal in vacuum packs or cartons.

    Frozen Edible mutton/beef offal in cartons.

    Raw and salted Intestines of bull/cow/sheep/goat.

    Raw Bones of bull/cow/sheep/goat.

We deliver!

Complete Customer Satisfaction

The business theory, vision and intensive concentration of Pakistan Food Products (Pvt.) Ltd spins around the two straightforward words: Customer Satisfaction. These two words cover for us. The top of the workmanship cutting edge isolate butchering lines for hamburger and lamb, idealize chilling temperatures for chillers, impact coolers and coolers compliments to our administrations for our clients. Strict and stringent cleanliness approach, Halal gauges, perfect deboning and pressing offices makes our plant and our items important and incomparable for our clients around the globe.

Past-Massive Future

Having a noteworthy concentration just on preparing and trading of Halal meat from Pakistan, Pakistan Food Products (Pvt.) Ltd, was built up in 2010. The organization is connected with different universal associations and have affirmations consistent to the worldwide measures of cleanliness, quality control and after deals.

Best in Selection and Trade The Best

The plan of action is straightforward and concentrates on selecting the right creature; butchering with most extreme care and cleanliness; and just giving the best quality Halal meat and Halal meat slices to shoppers around the globe.


  • Different animal slaughtering lines are available for Mutton and Beef, with separate processing areas for de-boning & producing various Halal meat cuts matching the international standards of hygiene & safety.
  • The slaughtering capacity of our plant is 50 heads per hour for bull/cow/buffalo and 120 heads per hour for goat/sheep.
  • In house specialized veterinary department for Ante Mortem,Post Mortem and Cold Storage Veterinary Checks.
  • Sufficient animal holding area for 2000 Sheep/Goat and 1000 Cow/Bull/Buffalo.
  • Curved chutes with water showering facility for Bull/Cow/Buffalo.
  • State of the art Microbiology Laboratory to ensure consistent quality control.
  • Special In house Water Treatment with Reverse Osmosis Plant is available.
  • State of art waste and offal management system with separate offal areas.
  • Personnel Hygiene Interface and cleaning checks before entering into the plant floors.
  • Special attention is paid to our trained Human Resource by providing them with all the incentives & facilities like living and dining space, separate laundry, kitchen, lockers, changing rooms with free medical and much more and a lot more...
  • Regular training for butchers, Halal meat handlers and quality inspectors by qualified trainers.
  • Water padded ventilation and exhaust system to have purified air and bacteria free environment inside the abattoir.
  • With complete Traceability, Calibration and Customer Feedback process systems we ensure continuous monitoring & improvement across the entire spectrum of our operations.
  • Knocking box, hide pulling machines, splitting saw, brisket saw, air knives, and automated de boning tables, sterilizers and various other tools are used; ensuring fast, qualitative and safe slaughtering processes which meet the standards of world class Halal meat slaughtering & packaging facilities.
  • Our exacting & stringently applied sanitation procedures are based on international standards with Kutcher machines and food grade detergents of the highest quality used regularly for cleaning and washing of tools & slaughtering lines.
  • Strict control over suppliers and regular grooming programs are carried out to ensure they are in compliance with global industry standards.
  • All regulations by various International Food Safety Certificates, ISO & HACCP are validated & constantly upgraded including Burial facility for contaminated Halal meat.
  • We provide a wide variety of packaging solutions to meet all our clients’ needs including carton, vacuum and cloth packing facilities.

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Deh Joresji Pipri District Malir,
Near Rice Godown, Karachi, Pakistan,.

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F2/2 Kehkashan 5, Block 8,
Clifton, Near Teen Talwar,

Branch Office 1

Plot # 165 Phase 6,
Muslim Commercial Area DHA,
Khayaban-e-Muslim, Karachi, Pakistan,.

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About Our Company

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Who Are We ?

We give and process the best quality crude sheep/goat/sheep/dairy animals/wild ox/bull and camel Halal meat to our clients around the globe. Either it is full carcass, quarter carcass or deboned, fresh or Frozen all is available at Pakistan Food Products (Pvt.) Ltd.

What Do We Do ?

Our stringent commitment to Global standards of Quality has seen us grow phenomenally over the last decade, to create a niche of our own, in the highly competitive world markets. Our unchallenged variety of products are already a rage in several Far east and European nations. Utmost care is taken to maintain Quality standards across all stages of production. This is made possible due to our state-of–the–art production facility.

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